The new issue of the EFMD Global Focus magazine features CarringtonCrisp's new report 'See the Future' on its front cover and as the lead story inside.  You can read the article by clicking here. The report focuses on five key trends in business education: The value of a business education ...Read More
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CarringtonCrisp will be speaking at a series of industry conferences around the world in the next three months.  In early October, CarringtonCrisp will be leading a seminar in Brussels for EFMD focusing on The Digital Business School: Marketing & Communications.  In early November, th...Read More
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Matthew Carrington, joint owner of CarringtonCrisp, has been appointed to the House of Lords, the upper chamber of the UK Parliament.  Matthew will take the title, Lord Carrington of Fulham.  All of us at CarringtonCrisp wish him every success in this new role.  Matthew will continue ...Read More
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CarringtonCrisp have published their new report on the future of business education which suggests demand from students and employers is growing for a more sustainable, international and technological future.  With much uncertainty in business education during the global financial crisis, Carri...Read More
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Studying a specialist business Masters can be motivated by negative career reasons as well as positive issues.  The first Tomorrow’s Masters study suggests that while 74% said they were motivated to gain new skills to improve their employment prospects, 21% are intending to study because ...Read More
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What do you want to know?  Would you ask:How do you want to engage with us?Would you support our fundraising appeal?Are you in touch with fellow alumni?What sort of events would you like to attend?Have you used our new online learning tools?Could you help us recruit new students?If there's one ...Read More
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Findings from the latest round of the Tomorrow's MBA suggest growing diversity in student recruitment, marketing tools used, MBAs offered and types of study.  Despite uncertainty about the future of the MBA, schools are developing new and innovative approaches to MBA study to maintain and grow ...Read More
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CarringtonCrisp have launched their new study for 2013, See the Future, at the EFMD Deans Conference in Istanbul. The study will provide business schools with insights from prospective students, current students, corporates and alumni looking at the future of management education.  Specific to...Read More
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CarringtonCrisp have been invited to speak at a host of events around the world in 2013 and will be participating at other major business school conferences.  Among the events will be: EFMD Deans and Directors Conference, Istanbul 31 Jan-1 Feb 2013 AACSB B-Schools Communication & Developm...Read More
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CarringtonCrisp have published their first Alumni Matters study revealing that: 1 in 3 business school alumni don’t understand the benefits of being an alumnus, almost three-quarters find difficulty in giving back to their old school, but there is strong demand for continued learning, espec...Read More
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