'Discover' launched to highlight emerging trends in business education

CarringtonCrisp has launched a new publication, 'Discover' to highlight current trends in business education.  "Discover' will be published twice a year and will summarise the key findings from the five annual CarringtonCrisp market research studies.  Each year CarringtonCrisp conduct research with thousands of prospective students, current students and alumni worldwide, providing independent data on developments in the business education marketplace.

Research covers prospective MBA students, prospective Masters students, school branding, alumni relations and school websites/digital communications.  Schools can sign up to take part in all five of the studies or for individual studies, or simply purchase a report after the study has been completed.  However, participating schools also receive a local report on their school as well as opportunities for on campus seminars to examine detailed results.  To find out more about the market research studies and discover how your business school can take part in the studies, please email us at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7229 7373.


'Discover' is free. 

To download the first edition click here.

Woman looking up making a discovery