How social is business education?

For many business education has always been social.  Motivation to study an MBA has often been driven by a desire to build a network, to create a group of alumni that can help you whether you’re developing your business, looking for a new job or launching a start-up.

Today, all business education is social.  Whether it’s attracting new students, learning online or keeping in touch with alumni around the world, the business school that’s truly social will have an advantage over its competitors.  But which are the most social business schools?

CarringtonCrisp have worked with Net Natives to create, a tool that promises to let business schools better understand their social media performance. will help business schools monitor and compare their social media performance on a monthly basis.   

The new ranking groups social engagement into four categories (popularity, activity, participation and reaction) and adjusts the weighting to ensure that the emphasis is more on the student, rather than the business school posting. This results in a more accurate score that recognises the institutions that are most effective at using social media to consistently engage students with relevant content. Not just those who push out the most marketing messages.

Over the next few months, EduRank will add data from Twitter and SinaWeibo as well as gathering Google Search information for all the business schools listed.  Schools will then be able to see month-by-month changes, helping assess the impact of marketing activity.

Schools can be added to the listing by request.  Business school marketers can register for free at


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