Specialist Masters look internationally to study so long as it's in English

Studying a specialist business Masters can be motivated by negative career reasons as well as positive issues.  The first Tomorrow’s Masters study suggests that while 74% said they were motivated to gain new skills to improve their employment prospects, 21% are intending to study because of poor labour market conditions.  Of course, the two groups are not mutually exclusive.

At the same time, demand is being driven by growing numbers of younger applicants not able to join an MBA programme and declining returns on the cost of an MBA.  However, there is still a strong cross-over market between the degrees.  More than a third (35%) of those taking part in the survey are considering an MBA as an alternative to a Masters.  In Africa and India more than half of the Tomorrow’s Masters respondents are considering an MBA as well as a Masters. 

Prospective Masters students also indicate a strong interest in studying outside their home country, an option preferred by 62% of those responding to the survey.  However, if they study abroad, 86% want to learn in English.

Another important aspect of the decision making process is accreditation.  Many Masters students are post-experience and are looking for a professional qualification as well as a degree.  While EFMD and AACSB accreditations are important, just over a third (35%) of respondents say the most important accreditation is from a professional body, and of these ACCA, CIMA and CIPD are most important.

Tomorrow’s Masters was run by CarringtonCrisp together with EFMD and the Association of Business Schools, Data was collected in November/December 2012 with1366 people responding to the survey from 60 countries.  A copy of the Executive Summary can be downloaded here.

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