What one question would you ask your alumni today?

What do you want to know?  Would you ask:

How do you want to engage with us?
Would you support our fundraising appeal?
Are you in touch with fellow alumni?
What sort of events would you like to attend?
Have you used our new online learning tools?
Could you help us recruit new students?

If there's one question you would ask, let us know and we'll incorporate it as best we can in to the second round of our group alumni study, Alumni Matters.

Better still, if you want to get the answer to your question, plus those above and many more, join the study.  Alumni at your school and from a host of other institutions across the world will be contacted during July and asked to complete a short questionnaire.  Results will then be available in September with data provided for alumni from your school as well as globally. More details can be found by downloading a flyer here.  A copy of the Executive Summary from last year's study can be downloaded here.