The new diversity for Tomorrow's MBA

Findings from the latest round of the Tomorrow's MBA suggest growing diversity in student recruitment, marketing tools used, MBAs offered and types of study.  Despite uncertainty about the future of the MBA, schools are developing new and innovative approaches to MBA study to maintain and grow the marketplace.

Results from the fourth year of the Tomorrow's MBA study have just been published.  A free to download Executive Summary of the findings can be found by clicking here.  Some of the key findings from this year's study include:

Only 23% of respondents in this year’s study want traditional academic terms, while a similar number choose blended learning as a preferred way of studying.

38% want a specialist MBA with Finance being the top choice.

A quarter of the survey respondents would consider a specialist Masters (MSc) as an alternative to an MBA.

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seham Tuesday 21st May 2013 - 10.11am
الماجستير فى ادارة الاعمال المتخصصه مع الماليه وهى الخيار الافضل
sara Friday 25th December 2015 - 06.55am
Business Part includes everything that explains why you are doing what you have been asked to do. What advantage it has to the organisation as a whole? Was it a cost effective measure? How much cost is it saving for the organisation?
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