Data, data, data – the more you have, the less you know.  You can drown in data.  Never see the wood from the trees, nor the insight from the results.  And yet, decisions made in ignorance are compromised. Results are not what they might have been. CarringtonCrisp believe the more you know, the better you do.

But that’s just a beginning. Bringing data to life is key – adding context, sprinkling experience and wrapping it in analysis – that’s what makes data meaningful. And there’s one more step – using data to drive strategy and deliver solutions. 

Fourteen years experience, working with over 150 business schools, spread across more than 30 countries, gathering data from hundreds of thousands of respondents – this is what gives CarringtonCrisp the experience to help data live, to drive insights and to deliver creative strategies and solutions for your business school.

And more than this we’re independent.  Our purpose is simple – to deliver a better business education experience, whether that’s for students, alumni, faculty, businesses or partners, whether around the corner or across the world.

For many business schools, a starting point is taking part in one or more of our group annual research studies:


Alumni Matters

The Business of Branding

Tomorrow’s MBA

Tomorrow’s Masters

When you want to know more, when you need a solution to a particular problem, when you want to tell the world about your innovative new offer, then CarringtonCrisp solutions are the right choice.  Among our recent projects have been:

  • Brand development and rebranding
  • Reviewing online and full-time MBA programmes
  • Assessing marekt demand for a new DBA
  • Postgraduate portfolio review
  • Developing an international student recruitment portal at a country level
  • Assessing the market for new executive education products
  • Reviewing and developing the strategy across a business school
  • Assessing the potential for a revitalised alumni relations programme
  • Providing support to a school seeking accreditation
  • Competitor and market assessments
  • Identifying international market demand

To find out how CarringtonCrisp can help your business school build its future, email us at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7229 7373.