Executive Education Futures

Man with arms outstretchedAs global economic upheaval struck, many schools found executive education spend collapsed, with one school reporting a decline of as much as 60%.  Yet corporates predicted a bounce back within two years, but what sort of market would it be?

Two years on and global economic conditions remain weak, so what has happened to the Executive Education marketplace?  CarringtonCrisp have run the Executive Education Futures study again and there remains considerable uncertainty about future prospects for executive education.  While the rate of decline in spend has slowed, there are few signs in most western markets of a turnaround. 

Looking to the future perhaps the best sign is that 48% of purchasers don't know if spending in the next 24 months will increase or decrease.  Among both purchasers and participants while leadership, general management and strategy remain popular, Business Improvement, Financial Strategy, Creativity and Change show growing demand.

Read the Executive Summary from 2012 here

A summary of findings from the current study, completing in January 2015, will be available here in the spring of 2015.

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