Case Studies

CarringtonCrisp carry out a wide range of bespoke research, strategy and marketing projects with international business schools and universities.  Set out below are details from some of these projects.  If you would like to know more about any of these projects or commission work for your business school or university, please contact us by email at or by telephone on +44 20 7229 7373.

Positioning and branding for a London-based MBA offer from a business school located elsewhere in the UK

CarringtonCrisp helped a UK business school which is seeking to leverage its research strength in business and finance by opening a London base to deliver MBA programmes.  CarringtonCrisp carried out extensive desk-research of competitor offers in London, ran an online survey with current and prospective students and undertook focus groups with international students, prospective MBAs and current Masters students.  A report was produced with detailed recommendations on fees, positioning of both the new London offer and the existing offer elsewhere, the student experience and marketing approaches.

Brand development for a top 10 global business school

As part of the development of their new identity, the business school wished to test emerging concepts to see whether they met the expectations of different audiences.  CarringtonCrisp ran a series of focus groups in Asia and Europe testing reactions among current students, alumni and businesses to better understand their perceptions of the business school offer and their reaction to the emerging new identity.  CarringtonCrisp produced a report that helped validate the new identity and focused the key messages delivered to different audiences.


Website review for a postgraduate university

CarringtonCrisp used desk-research, interviews, focus groups and an online survey to advise a university about the strengths and weaknesses of their website and its positioning relative to other university websites.  The site was tested with a variety of audiences including students, staff, employers, government and other site users.


Literature development for a Canadian business school

CarringtonCrisp have developed a new style of literature based around a unifying theme for the suite of undergraduate business courses, providing design, copy writing and image selection.


Literature review for a leading London university

CarringtonCrisp were asked to review marketing literature including course brochures to better understand prospective student views and expectations.  A series of focus groups were held with potential and current students delivering recommendations for changes to design and copy writing.


Portfolio review, brand development and marketing for a UK business school

CarringtonCrisp were asked to review the current portfolio of programmes and make recommendations for development of existing courses, introduction of new programmes and degrees that should be discontinued.  In addition, CarringtonCrisp were asked to review the positioning of the School with a review to developing its brand.

A programme of research was carried out including focus groups, an online study with current students and individual interviews with faculty, employers and postgraduate students.  Drawing on the findings, CarringtonCrisp developed a strapline to support the launch of the new brand, revised the content of the school website, produced new copy for course brochures and advised on the marketing strategy.


MBA pricing, positioning and development for a Group of 8 Australian university

An Australian university sought to better understand competitor activity in the MBA market, both in terms of operational issues such as fees and course content, and marketing/positioning.  CarringtonCrisp carried out desk-research reviewing the offer and marketing materials of 8 European and American business schools and carried out a series of one-to-one interviews with Deans of business schools. 


Competitor review for UK business school

CarringtonCrisp carried out a desk-based study of 8 UK competitors for this business school, focusing on postgraduate programmes and examining pricing, language requirements, rankings, accreditations, entry requirements and course content.


Portfolio review for UK business school

A review of the postgraduate portfolio was undertaken for this UK business school drawing on HESA data, desk-research of competitor offers and an online survey.  Specific information was sought for each programme including Degree title, Full time or part-time provision, Duration, Cost, Content and Entry requirements.  In addition, the online survey was used to test interest in a new range of Masters programmes that were being considered, including preferences for specialisms, mode of study and costs.


Positioning study for a leading European business school

The business school wished to review its positioning and awareness among targeted German-speaking and eastern European audiences.  The business school also wished to understand awareness of its offer in comparison with that made by 20 other leading business schools in Europe.  CarringtonCrisp carried out an online study, targeting key audiences through a variety of sources including social networks.  A report was produced making recommendations for brand development and realignment, as well as detailing key competitors and their activity.