Canadian Federation of Business School Deans (CFBSD)

The CFBSD is the professional association for Deans and Directors of faculties of business and management in Canada. The Canadian Federation of Business School Deans is dedicated to working with its members toward achieving excellence in business education.

Its goals are:

  • To raise the profile of management education to external interests
  • To help member institutions to strengthen their programs and their capabilitie
  • To play an advocacy role

The CFBSD currently has a membership of almost 60 university level business schools representing approximately 3,000 faculty members and 150,000 students across Canada, as well as members representing educational and industry associations. All member schools offer undergraduate programmes, over forty offer programmes at the Masters level, and over twenty provide doctoral education.

The CFBSD represents management education to external interests, including the media, the government, and the business community.  More information is available at