What does business education mean for Brazil?

In the first of a series of articles about business education in Brazil, Thiago De Carvalho, introduces some of the issues you'll need to consider if you want to recruit Brazilian students or build a partnership with a Brazilian school.


Think of a country which has the 7th biggest GDP in the world, 200+ million people, and is home of the largest private schools in the world. It sounds like a very attractive market, right? Indeed it is.

To the people interested in this sector, however, this isn’t anything new, as they may be already aware of what’s going on in Brazil’s education sector.

What is not being covered in the news, however, is how the market relates to its international counterpart: admissions processes, accreditation, average revenue per user – yes, it’s a business – turnover, etc.. Brazil’s numbers mean one thing nationally, but have a completely different meaning when compared to international schools.

For instance, did you know that the tuition for the best MBA programs is around USD25,000 (19,000 euro)? Attending Insper Institute of Education, a top-tier, AACSB accredited school, costs a fraction of what it does in the US or Europe.

In case you are aiming for this market, you have to understand you are competing against other international schools, not Brazilian ones. Among your biggest competitors will be U Penn, Harvard, Berkeley, etc. (in short, nearly all top 20 schools featured in rankings). You can find much more detail at one of the biggest prep centers in Brazil, in their US website.

Two years ago, before coming to the US to study, I met dozens of other Brazilians who had gone through the process of applying to an international school. All of them had interacted with prep centers. This is not to say there is only one way to reach the market, but prep centers certainly are an important gate.

During the following months I’ll be writing about the higher education market in Brazil: competition, prep centers, how to approach students (online and offline), and other topics you might be interested as a professional in the Higher Ed. sector.

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Thiago de Carvalho is a M. Ed. student at NYU Steinhardt (Major in Business and Workplace Education).  He worked for 8 years at Insper Institute of Education and Research and currently leads a teacher training initiative. Whether you simply want Thiago to write about a certain topic or your business school needs help in Brazil, you can contact him direct at or by contacting us at