Is technology the new entrepreneurship for MBA students?

Drone flying over housesIn recent years, entrepreneurship has become a popular component in MBA programmes, attracting a growing number of students interested in using their MBA to launch a business or support the growth of their start-up.  Things may be changing.

The 2018 Tomorrow’s MBA report, published by CarringtonCrisp with support from EFMD, suggests technology may become the new entrepreneurship.  The percentage of prospective students indicating they are motivated to study for an MBA to support a business start-up is down from 24.6% to 20.8%.

At the same time, technology management was selected as the second most valuable content in an MBA equal with strategy and just behind leadership.  Entrepreneurship was only rated the eight most valuable piece of content.  So what’s driving the change? 

Starting a business hasn’t just disappeared as a career choice.  However, prospective students see more technology-led companies recruiting MBAs such as Amazon and are seeking to maximise their career prospects.  And it’s not only the technology-led companies that are seeking MBAs with technology management skills.  With the growth in the fintech sector, the banks and financial companies that for so long were among the leading MBA recruiters are now seeking graduates with technology skills.

For the MBA graduate, success in their careers will not mean that they need to know technology inside out.  Instead they need to be able to manage technology projects and involving technology specialists, delivering them successfully on time and on budget.

You can buy a copy of the 2018 Tomorrow's MBA report here.  if you want to know more about your school taking part in the next Tomorrow's MBA study, please contact us at or call on 020 7229 7373.


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