Alumni Matters

What do you do with your alumni?  What do your alumni expect from you?playing cards

Alumni relations is becoming an ever more important task at business schools.  Whether schools are seeking to involve alumni in fund raising, mentoring current students or acting as ambassadors for the school brand and offer, it means greater effort being applied to alumni relations.  While some schools have had avanced alumni programmes for many years, others have more work ahead of them.

Alumni are one of the most underutilised resources at some schools, but get the realtionship wrong between school and alumni, and not only will opportunities be missed, but the school reputation can be diminished.

The latest Alumni Matters report was published in January 2016.  To use the Alumni Matters study for your business school or university, just drop us a line at and we'll let you have details how you can take part, receiving a report focusing on your alumni, an on campus feedback session and a report examining global trends.

A copy of the new global Alumni Matters report can be purchased for just £350 by clicking on the link below and paying with your credit card, or send an email to and we'll send a copy together with an invoice.  If paying by credit card, we will receive an email upon confirmation of your payment and the report will then be forwarded to you by email.